GoPro Stock Analysis

Will GPRO Return To the $8 Price Range?

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As of right now, it’s ambiguous to tell what price the stock will settle down at. I am expecting another bullish price fluctuation, but I’m currently waiting for a bit more clarity on the GPRO chart.  Continue reading “GoPro Stock Analysis”

Tesla Technical News

Musk Keeps Surprising Us All!

Short Sellers had had a terrible outcome last week. After another small price decline, the Bulls were becoming discouraged. 

Surprisingly Tesla’s stock had an amazing increase in its Q2 earnings disappointing many bearish investors and causing them to lose a massive amount of money. How long will the price increase before traders can expect another price dip?

Balls On Wall Street Trading Plan

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GoPro Trading Plan

GoPro started out very bearish yesterday morning, but the Bulls managed to pull it back up in the afternoon. After looking back at a few of GoPros quarterly earnings revenue doesn’t  look too promising. I have a feeling the price of GoPro’s stock may take another big step down in price.

Is It Safe For A Swing Trade?

Balls On Wall Street Trading Plan

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