Snapchat Technical Analysis July 6, 2017

From lawsuits, negative news articles, and fierce competition; Snapchat just can’t seem to get a break. It was a rough month for Snapchat and it’s difficult to tell when things will get better for long term investors. Good thing I’m more of a swing trader!

Balls On Wall Street Trading Plan

After reviewing the 4 hr chart, Snapchat’s stock seems like it may fall below $17 very soon. But indicators and oscillators show an opportunity for a swing trade to be near.

I won’t be holding this stock for more than 3 days (depending on indicators). Continue reading “Snapchat Technical Analysis July 6, 2017”

Snapchat Technical Analysis June 29, 2017

Snapchat has been increasing over the past two days based on good news the company released based on some of its new releases, Snap Map and Snapchat geo-filters.

Now users can share their location with the people they follow or remain undetected on ghost mode with Snap Map. Another new feature is Snapchat geo-filter which charges users to create and customize their very own filters around their own geographical area.

Balls On Wall Street Trading Plan
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