How Does Crude Oil Affect Gasoline Prices?

Gas And Oil Are Like “Peanut Butter And Jelly”

Many of you may notice gasoline prices are always increasing and decreasing. One of the main causes for the gasoline fluctuations is crude oil.

Back in 2008 the average barrel of crude oil was over $147.27 Gasoline was around  $4 per gallon, and in many states, in the U.S. it was about $5 per gallon. Why were gas prices so high?

Crude oil makes up about 71% of gasoline’s price because it’s one of its main components. When the price of crude oil goes down expect the price of gasoline to drop. When they go up expect a price increase. Right now oil prices are under $50 per barrel which explains why gas is around $2 per gallon and lower in many regions in the United States.

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Tesla Technical Analysis July 10, 2017

Good News

After a tough week for Tesla (TSLA) some good news finally comes out. Elon Musk stated that the first 30 customers will be receiving their new Model 3 by the end of July. Musk also stated that they are expecting to produce 100 cars by August and 1,500 by September. The company’s goal is to produce 500,000 models by the end of 2018.

The new Model 3 is the cheapest car Tesla has ever produced, and the cool sleek design does not disappoint. At around $35,000 the Model 3 is the most affordable Tesla vehicle on the market compared to the other Tesla models. The Model 3 can also run 215 miles on a single charge.

Will this news be enough for stock traders to make a good profit from Tesla’s dip?

Balls On Wall Street Trading Plan

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Snapchat Technical Analysis July 6, 2017

From lawsuits, negative news articles, and fierce competition; Snapchat just can’t seem to get a break. It was a rough month for Snapchat and it’s difficult to tell when things will get better for long term investors. Good thing I’m more of a swing trader!

Balls On Wall Street Trading Plan

After reviewing the 4 hr chart, Snapchat’s stock seems like it may fall below $17 very soon. But indicators and oscillators show an opportunity for a swing trade to be near.

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Snapchat Technical Analysis June 29, 2017

Snapchat has been increasing over the past two days based on good news the company released based on some of its new releases, Snap Map and Snapchat geo-filters.

Now users can share their location with the people they follow or remain undetected on ghost mode with Snap Map. Another new feature is Snapchat geo-filter which charges users to create and customize their very own filters around their own geographical area.

Balls On Wall Street Trading Plan
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Why Is Snapchats Stock Struggling?

The Competition 

Snapchat (SNAP) is a social media company that allows its users to socialize with a combination of pictures, videos, and captions. It entered the social media industry in 2011 – seven years after Facebook (FB) and 5 years after Twitter (TWTR) were created. Facebook was already overpowering Myspace and became more powerful when they purchased Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion dollars. The main point is that Instagram and Facebook have tremendous leverage over Snapchat at the moment because of their popularity and user rate. Instagram even copied Snapchat’s story feature which has critically slowed the user growth rate of Snapchat.

Snapchat’s stock is not only struggling because they’re failing to grasp the attention of many investors. They are now undergoing a lawsuit until July 17, 2017, for anyone with losses over $500,000. The lawsuit is similar to the one GoPro (GPRO) experienced in 2016 for anyone with losses over $100,000. Whenever the article for this lawsuit appeared in GoPro’s news section, it would get pummeled down and restrict the stock from increasing. Snapchat is also spending money on new features to improve its company.

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